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Product Design
Slalom & Giant Slalom Skis for the Winter Olympic Games
In 2017, I was asked to design a set of skis - slalom & giant slalom - for a peer who I grew up with in a local ski resort. Thus, in the layout designs, I attempted to incorporate many of the specialties we grew up with such as the Hungarian tricolor, capture the mindset we grew up as skiers, a remembrance of an influential ski coach, and to express the outbursting energy of the brand and the skier.
Track and Rubberband Zone
Drag or Click Thumb
UI Component Design
The Future of Switch Buttons for the Web
Switches toggle the state of a single item on or off. Switches are the preferred way to adjust settings on mobile devices. With the proliferation of responsive design, and touch interfaces such design solutions can now be used beyond mobile devices. However, even in the most advanced design systems on the web, the switches are rather static: they do not respond to drag, and do not behave according to user expected physics. Thus, I designed & coded a new switch component that is elevating the experience of web switches to the level where their mobile platform-specific siblings are.
Color Palette for Linecept
While building the web app of Linecept, a design coordination tool for the rest of us, I realized that a color palette on which I can build a software product. After 12 iterations, this is the solution that I arrived at. The inspiration of the used colors stem from the Golden Gate Bridge and its surroundings, the Marin Headlands. The yellow is inspired by the foothills of Marin Headlands, the Cerulean is inspired by the ocean color in the bay. The International Orange, the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, is contrasting with the blue, as the bridge is contrasting with the entrance of the bay.
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Hardware & Software Design
Printers are usually clunky, boring, and consume way too much resources. In 2012, while in college, I felt something better was needed. During a mechanics class, I imagined a printer where the paper is in a roll, so the footprint of the device is way smaller. I also imagined the printer to have a sleek, aluminum body. I also imagined a set of eco-friendly printing solutions, like the default use of eco fonts, and double-sided printing. I designed the printer to be used with the then appearing NFC technology and handheld devices. Thus, next to the hardware, I also designed the UI & UX of an accompanying mobile application.